Company Profile

The AUTREX group has been established since 1991 and also imports and distributes video surveillance equipment. Autrex is a major player in the video surveillance equipment market. We also distribute in other countries in the Pacific region such as Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Europe. Part of an international distribution group that has been perfecting it products and services for the past 23 years bringing peace of mind to our customers.

Autrex supports security equipment from corporate security companies though to the end user, from our selection of multiple brands and models which are well proven and easy to use, we can help you select the correct security cameras, security systems and biometrics to complete your project at your budget. Our friendly, well trained staff make the process fun and easy and all within your budget.

With our experience, we are able to advise our clients in their choice of materials and so provide the best solution for their needs. Our expertise in the field of CCTV, allows us to guide you on the best architecture for the IP project and / or analog.

IVSEC is a range of robust and reliable video surveillance equipment. Indeed, known and recognized in the Pacific region, we strive to provide our customers the versatile material, innovative and easy to use with advanced features and flawless quality of service. With our wide selection of equipment, we offer (cameras, NVR, accessories, ...) and our flexibility we aim to meet all the needs of our customers. The offer CCTV IVSEC allows our customers to have a quality security equipment at a contained price.

AUTREX is an official partner of the company ETROVISION ( The combination of AUTREX and ETROVISION came as a natural symbiotic rwelationship, to offer our most demanding customers CCTV solutions of the high qualities dedicated to the security of sensitive sites. The ETROVISION solutions are also suitable for users who want an image of quality and comfort proof reading and research. The ETROVISION range allows the building of a complete security system (fixed cameras, mobile cameras, NVR ...) from 8 to over 64 cameras. It is also possible to add image processing modules (eg automatic reading of license plates).

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