View and record high-resolution video with your digital video recorder (DVR). A security camera with a 960H image sensor works with a 960H DVR to deliver a 33% larger image and provide sharper, more detailed video than standard DVRs which record at D1 resolution. 960H produces a wider image than CIF or D1.

This reduces image stretching on widescreen monitors, which is a common problem with lower resolutions. To record at 960H you need a 960H compatible DVR.

With a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) the hardware device can record images with the date and time superimposed on the video while it is being monitored and recorded. This feature is ideal not only for easily identifying the exact date and time of an event during playback, but because the information becomes part of the video image, it is also useful when providing recorded video evidence to authorities.

The DVR which handles most of the processing when compiling the analogue cameras video data is essentiality the brains of the security system. It enables you to view the security cameras live on a monitor with either HDMI or VGA or remotely via the internet or mobile phone application. Having a reliable security system can save a business from litigation, theft and loss of productivity.


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