The High Definition Digital Video Recorder is a security cameras system that has new ccHDtv technology and that has the ability to record 1080p (1920x1080) resolution. We are pleased to offer our IVSEC  range known as ccHDtv digital video recorders. With the resolution of 1080p this security camera recorder has approximately 200% larger recording area than 720p, 400% more than 960H, and 600% more than the standard D1 analogue cameras.

The coax cabling can run from camera to camera, rather than in each of the CCTV cameras running directly to the HD DVR. This substantially reduces the costs of expensive cabling, and the labour to run and connect it.

Using the fail save ring or mesh topology gives the cameras more than one data transmission route back to the HD DVR this creates a far more reliable system. If a cable to a camera is cut or fails the other cables can be used to carry the data back to the recorder.

Below is a comparison table of the advantages of the closed circuit high definition television digital video recorder:


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