Autrex is a distributor of security products and can help you find the correct products for a smooth solution to your security needs whether simple or intricate. Having our experts help choose the best products for your solution and budget will save you time and money. We are proud of our reliable range of specialized technology that will help save your home or workplace.

Autrex produces a range of up to date security cameras and are confident in ensuring there is one suitable for every budget. These security measures provide you with video footage of any events which may happen and also act as a visible deterrent to criminals.. Our range runs from state-of-the-art HD security cameras with megapixel sensors, optical zoom and auto focus with pan and tilt functions, through to our great value analogue series.

Many of our security cameras can also be set for motion activation. Being able to view the cameras remotely will give peace of mind, flexibility and convenience.

Security camera systems use a range of technology to connect CCTV cameras to a central recording unit that has various software functions like playback, smart search and intelligent video analytics. Network video records (NVR) mainly connect though Ethernet local area networks (LAN) or digital video recorders (DVR) that connect though coax cable. Both systems can be viewed remotely via a web browser, iOS or Android. A technology called ccHDtv can be used to have 1080p resolution though coax and the ccHDtv security cameras can be placed in fail save ring, daisy chain or mesh topology which is great for existing coax infrastructure upgrades. Please see the download link for more information.

Biometrics can use palm vein identification or fingerprints integrated with software to allow people quick access to locked devices and can be used used to moniter time in attendance. Biometrics is cutting edge technology that can be easily integrated to any work place environment that is serious about security and productivity. Use this download link for for in-depth information.

Software is used to integrate the various electronic security devices to a program that make it user friendly. Always look for compatibility between the software and the device including the correct firmware to ensure it is supported. Please contact our friendly professional staff with any questions.