Analogue CCTV Cameras

An Analogue Camera is a conventional surveillance camera without USB or Ethernet connectivity. Analogue surveillance cameras typically output analogue composite video signals over coaxial cable.

Proscan offers a range of quality analogue security cameras.  They feature SONY sensors and at least 700 TVL output, making them far more effective for CCTV applications than previous generation cameras.

Analogue cameras send analog (continuous data stream called scanning, 1V peak to peak) to a data storage device. The video signal is transmitted by a coaxial cable. The cable length should not exceed 200m in order to maintain a good signal quality.

The maximum resolution a conventional analogue camera can provide after the video signal has been digitized in a digital video recorder or a digital encoder is D1, which is 720x480 pixels (NTSC) or 720x576 (PAL). D1 resolution corresponds to a maximum of 414,720 pixels or 0.4 megapixel.

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