HD Analogue Cameras

IVSEC’s range of HD analogue cameras and hybrid digital video recorders view and record at up to 4MP resolution using standard coaxial cable.

They offer great value and easy configuration.

Several models use quality SONY sensors, delivering cleaner images (less noise), resulting in better detail and less storage space compared to cheaper sensors.

All IVSEC AHD cameras can also be switched to standard CVBS analogue mode should you want to use them on legacy hardware. Several models can also be supplied with TVI or CVI for backward compatibility with existing installations (please check with one of our consultants).


We can also offer a different type of analog HD cameras using ccHDtv technology. Those enable extra-long cabling distances (500m +) and up to 4 cameras can be daisy-chained on the same cable. ccHDtv cameras are a little more expensive and do require the use of specific ccHDtv recorders. Therefore they cannot be mixed with our other AHD cameras. They are however a great option whenever cabling is difficult or expensive, e.g. in old buildings, tunnels, car parks, large industrial sites, etc…

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